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  • zaken1 05/22/11 4:18 pm PST

    Turn the headlights on, and watch their brightness while you try to start the motor. If the lights dim way down or go out when you turn the key to start; the battery is either discharged or the battery posts and cable clamps need to be scraped with a round file or a tapered reamer type battery cable service tool; until their mating surfaces are shiny. Reinstall the battery cables and tighten the clamp bolts until the clamps cannot be moved by hand. If the lights still dim and the starter does not run after cleaning the battery posts; have the battery charged with a battery charger and then tested with a LOAD TESTER (not just with a voltmeter or hydrometer).

    If the headlights stay bright when you turn the key to start: If you have an automatic transmission; try moving the shifter into neutral and see if it then starts. If you have a stick shift; be sure there is not a rug or thick mat under the clutch pedal which prevents it from being pressed all the way down when trying to start. Be sure to press the clutch pedal down until it hits bottom before starting.

    If these actions still don't make the starter work; either the neutral safety switch (on automatic transmission vehicles), or the clutch switch (on manual transmission vehicles), or the starter relay or the starter solenoid is defective.

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  • zakiu 10/24/11 4:42 pm PST

    I have a 2000 Taurus that will not start.

    Battery was good. Turned the car on. Starter makes noise, but the engine will not fire up. Doesn't even sputter. Just hear the whirring noise of the starter trying to turn the engine over and nothing, kind of like what you'd hear if you had a flooded engine.

    Any idea? I'm very unfamiliar with domestics, especially the Taurus.

  • hazy2 10/24/11 8:56 pm PST

    Does the car starter turn the engine over, if it does and the car does not even try to start up take out any spark plug and turn over engine and see if there is any spark if not it could be an ingnition Modual or a crank sensor

    Hope this helps


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