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  • mastertech19 04/28/09 5:13 pm PST

    does it have the electronic 4 wheel drive switch or does it have a shifter on the floor? Let me that first if it has the electric switches do they light up? check fuses first check T case fluid level check linkages if has manual four wheel drive for seized linkage.I can get info on that and look it over for u and give u more ideas specify what system it has and does it try to do anything ?

  • cstark2 04/29/09 7:27 am PST

    It has the floor shifter. Visual inspection appears as though all linkage is free and operational. Sounds as if all is working properly (makes slight noises sounding as if it is engaging properly). No light on the instrument panel comes on when 4X4 is in use. It shifts into low (4X4) gear but the 4X4 does not work. Iv'e checked all fuses under dash and hood. Fluid levels are where they are suppose to be.


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