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  • kiawah 01/27/08 3:07 pm PST

    I know it's a pain to take back to get fixed...but that is exactly what you need to do. They'll continue replacing the parts that could be causing the problem until they finally find the right one. Don't live with this problem out of frustration, because it will be very expensive for you to fix outside of warranty. Let them continue replacing parts till they get it.

    Do not overfill the gas tank, stop at the first click.

  • smithka03 03/01/08 9:11 am PST

    Sorry, I don't have any suggestions, but wanted to say that I think I may be starting to have the same problem and would also be interested in the solution. I bought a 2008 civic a couple weeks ago. A couple days after I got it the check fuel cap message came on. I tightened the fuel cap and after a day or so the message went away. Then, just yesterday my check engine light came on (like you, it was a couple days after I got gas). I always tighten my gas cap to at least like 5 clicks after I get gas so I don't understand why it would be loose, but it did seem to tighten a tiny bit yesterday when I turned it. I'll be curious to see today if it resets itself and the check engine light goes off now. If not, we'll be making a trip to the "stealership" monday. Or if it happens again I'll also take it in. I hope I don't have to make as many trips as you though!!! Let me know if/how they finally fixed your problem!

  • mrchemo 03/01/08 10:56 am PST

    Hey, so after my first post above I went to the dealer and they couldnt find anything wrong. They called Honda tech and they said that the parts they had installed were a faulty batch, so they had to order (more) new parts and replaced it all. The parts they replaced were: the Purge Control Solenoid Valve. Since then it has been fine, but believe me when I filled up the first time and drove home I was waiting to see if it came on. If the check engine light comes on after the check fuel cap then you will need the dealer to reset it, and be sure stop filling when with gas when the pump stops,i.e. dont top off and and at least 3 clicks to tighten. I know you know this but they will ask you this repeatedly at the dealer, so you can be sure u did right!

  • jayman4 03/06/08 5:51 pm PST

    I have the same exact issue. My dealer just keeps resetting the code and tells me that they can find nothing wrong. I only pump the gas until 1 click and then stop. I still get the Fuel cap message. When will Honda step up to the plate and get this fixed? I bought a new car just so I wouldn't have repair issues.. I hope it does not start affecting my MPG at today's gas prices.

    I will check back every so often to see if there is a fix. Thanks.

  • smithka03 03/13/08 5:44 pm PST

    I also never overfill my gas tank (I don't "top it off" after the pump turns off the first time). So... to follow up on my previous post: My check engine light never reset itself so I took it to the dealer. Apparently they found a TSB that was just put out that day for the car (March 6) that supposedly told how to fix the issue (I have done a few searches though and haven't been able to find info on this TSB online yet... maybe it's too new?). They replaced the "EVAP PURGE CONTROL VALVE" and reset my check engine light. I thought it would be fixed...
    3 days ago my check fuel cap message came on again... I tightened it and it reset overnight... Today my check engine light came on again. And it still starts really rough some days!!! So frustrating when the car is less than a month old...
    Does anyone else have a rough starting issue (sometimes cranks for up to 10 seconds before it will start) along with these error codes?

  • mrchemo 03/13/08 6:44 pm PST

    Hi again,

    I can only tell you that I just kept going back to the Honda dealer and after they replaced the solenoid valve it was fixed, but the first fix was with faulty parts. It would seem HONDA is aware of the problem and maybe there are a lot of faulty parts out there, just keep going back. I know its annoying, I was furious everytime I left and filled up and then got the stupid error, but it did get fixed and if they dont fix it after 3 vists then take it to lemon law. When I went in on the 3rd time, I told them if it wasnt fixed then I would go to lemon law to sort it out, it was then fixed. So if its not fixed 3rd time, go to lemon law as they have to fix it and it may be the dealer that is screwing you and not HONDA USA.

  • cryton 10/04/11 9:47 am PST

    I'm having the same problem. Brought it to a dealer a few months ago and they told me nothing was wrong. I kept telling them that there is an issue with the cap indicator. I click it closed 5 times everytime. After dealer reset the engine light, I went to get gas and closed the cap turning it 5 times. When I drove off a few miles later the cap light went on again. Reset it several times after that. Within a few months the engine light went on again. Of course right before I had inspection.. yes it failed. Brought it to another Honda dealer hopefully this time they have better expert mechanics that can repair it. I am getting the code: "Small Evap Leak detected" HONDA Please recongize that this is a problem and get it resolved.

  • randys48 04/27/12 4:56 am PST

    hey every one out there ive read alot about the 2008 honda civic having evap leak detection problems with codes 446,441,442. which is the gas cap or the vent,purge solenoid is faulty. the problem was a faulty gas cap. And i have a 2003 lexis is 300. and my vehicle has 157,200 miles on it.I went crazy with this issue for a month and you always start with the gas cap first if its a evap system issue. no matter what vehicle you own they all work the same way and have the same problems.thanks randy from cincinatti oh

  • lbruno2 11/28/12 11:48 am PST

    I have a 2008 Honda Accord and have had the same "check fuel cap" problem for over 8 months. I have had the car into the dealer over 7 times with this problem, I had them at one point tell me "I'm sorry we performed the smoke test and we found no leaks there's nothing else we can do for you Ms.Bruno" after this I got hostile with them and they miraculously found that my purge valve was faulty, paid $400 to have it replaced got in my car and didn't get half a mile down the road and the code was back on. Furious by this point I returned with in 5 minutes of paying for the $400 purge valve we completly bollistic on them, they kept my car for 5 days after which they then replaced my solenoid. Honda did cover the cost of this repair only because I refused anyway about 3 weeks later I fill up my tank, drive a mile and a half down the road and the "check fuel cap" light is scrolling across my dash. Honda now has my car and convieniently can't get the light to come on. I have contacted American Honda Motor Co and have them working on this case at this time. What I would like to know is if there is a reader of some sort that can be connected to my car by honda that will read and codes that come up? I'm in a free loaner car from Honda but feel like I'm being taken advantage of.

  • etguy 02/13/13 2:13 pm PST

    Gas caps have an over pressure and a vacuum valve built in in addition to the rubber gasket so it can leak thru a bad valve as well as a bad seal. Your dealer should have a cap tester. The cap srews into the tester,a couple of lbs. of air is pumped in to see if it holds pressure. If the cap is good the next step is a smoke test where a smoke generator goes on instead of the gas cap and escaping smoke pinpoints your leak. It could be a bad hose,cannister,roll over valve, etc.Randomly changing parts is stupid and expensive. This doesn't say much for your dealer's service dept. Go elsewhere. Most often it's the cap. If you can't get it tested you can get a new after market cap with shipping on ebay for 5 or 6 bucks. It's a cheap test and even if it doesn't fix it you've got a spare cap. If you can't get somebody to clear the code for you and the cap fixes the problem it will go away after 3 complete start, warm up and run cycles. You can also disconnect the battery for a couple of minutes to clear the code but some cars have anti theft protection on the radio and if it looses power a code number must be entered to use it again.Good luck


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