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  • karjunkie 12/30/08 7:42 am PST

    They did not do the test correctly. Low static fuel pressure (key on engine off) could be either a clogged fuel filter, the fuel pump or the regulator, not what they told you and would be inconclusive. To properly test the regulator you need to test it as follows with the engine running. With the engine running, disconnect the vacuum hose from the fuel pressure regulator. As a rule, fuel system pressure should increase 8 to 12 psi with the line disconnected. No change would indicate a faulty pressure regulator, or a leaky or plugged vacuum line. If the diaphragm inside the regulator is leaking, engine vacuum will suck raw fuel into the intake manifold through the vacuum hose (look for fuel inside the hose). A new fuel regulator will cost you less than 80 bucks and you can replace it yourself in less than a half hour of work. I still am betting that is your problem.


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