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  • 0patience 04/07/08 2:21 am PST

    The Fuel Pump Relay is part of the Integrated Control Relay Module, is located at the front of the engine compartment, on the upper radiator support.

    The problem may be the Inertia Fuel Shutoff Switch. There is a button on the top, if it has popped up, pushing it in resets it.

    The inertia fuel shutoff switch is located in the luggage compartment on the door hinge support above the left hand inner wheel house.
    The location is clearly marked on the vehicle.

    The inertia fuel shutoff switch is located on the right hand rear lower corner pillar reinforcement behind a storage compartment door.
    The location is clearly marked on the vehicle.

  • killblitz 04/08/08 1:59 am PST

    found relay next to battery it was mounted to the front left hand rear well and it had to be unplugged and the plug didnt look like the part because relay was in a protected mounted case right next to battery and left front headliht

  • cavemanauto 06/12/10 3:00 pm PST

    Answer #1 is correct. Answer #2 relay near battery is not for fuel pump. Relay module is under plastic cover. Plastic cover has vehicle info labels on it. Remove 4-bolts and remove label cover. Relay module is right on top of fan, it has a 24pin connector held on with a 7mm bolt. 2-mounting bolts hold down relay module. If you have no power to inertia switch then chek pin #5 Pink with black stripe for power with key on and plugged in, back probe wire with test light, this wire goes directly to inertia switch. If you have power, then open wire to inertia. If no power on pin#5, then check pin#13, this is power from ign switch. If no power then ck fusible link "B", then back to ign switch. If you have power on pin#13, then ck for ground at pin#15, if no ground, then ck grounds near battery to body, right next to battery. If you have power, and grounds, then either the relay module is bad, or the main engine computer is bad. engine computer provides inputs to pins #'s 14, 17, and #22. Do not attempt to probe these wires without a full computer wiring diagram. Either from dealer, manual such as Haynes, or alldata.diy.

  • winnemuccapogo 04/03/11 2:49 pm PST

    I liked Caveman's Auto reply. I have one question:

    Where is fusible link B located?


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