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  • 0patience 11/08/09 2:10 pm PST

    First thing we need to know is what is the voltage of the battery.
    If it isn't at least 11.3V, then the solenoid may not want to engage.

    Did the mechanic check power to ALL fuses?
    It is quite possible that in all the attemtps to start the vehicle, a fusible link has been blown.
    These all need to be checked.

    I have to ask though, if you have your mechanic, why don't you use him to change your oil, instead of where you went?

  • dake55y57 11/08/09 9:05 pm PST

    I was in a hurry and knew I needed an oil change and for the convience and to save time I had Walmart do it while I bought groceries. Plus it seemed like an ok choice at the time!!!! Who knew this was going to happen, I never thought an oil change could screw up my car. Yes the battery is at 13, all power componets in the car work.


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