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  • zaken1 06/12/10 10:10 pm PST

    Try phoning a Jeep dealership and speaking with the parts department. They should be able to determine the rear end ratio from the VIN number or other identifying information on your car.

    Incidentally, you can order a replacement owners manual by going to the following address:

    Source: https://www.techauthority.com/en-US/Pag

  • zaken1 06/14/10 2:01 am PST

    There are three different rear axle models used in that vehicle. The rear wheel bearings match the axle model, only one rear end ratio is used in each type of axle. The reason this distinction is important is that the axle model is probably stamped on the axle housing or on an inspection tag attached to the housing. The 3 axle models are: Dana Spicer 35C; Dana Spicer 44-4; and Chrysler axle with 8.25" ring gear. The parts store should be able to match the bearing with that information.


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