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  • laltazan 04/22/11 7:05 pm PST

    As you wisely stated, it depends a lot on the previous maintenance and care. As a general statement, years seem to be harder on vehicles than miles. High mileage, relative to age, normally means the vehicle has been driven a lot, which is good. I have serviced many Acura, Honda, Toyota and Lexus vehicles with well over double that mileage and very few problems.

  • knowledgepower 04/23/11 11:53 am PST

    I do agree with the last post who knows these vehicles because he works on them and that of course is the go to guy for this kind of info. Cars don't really break after 100k or 150k miles just parts wear out and they have to be replaced. The Acura is a great choice.

  • ford91 04/23/11 6:42 pm PST

    The main thing is that you will have about 100,000 more miles to ues.

  • texases 04/23/11 10:25 pm PST

    When my car went over 100k more repairs were required, including a new radiator, engine mounts, a/c compressor, and power steering line. Cheap compared to buying a new car, but more that just the normal maintenance. And this was on a Lexus ES300. Happens to all brands.


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