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  • tony78 05/29/09 3:22 pm PST

    When you have the van towed to the shop,,no start.

    And you tell them that it wont start,,they will begin with the basic things to check first,,

    Is a fuse blown ?

    Are the plugs getting spark ?

    How is the compression ?

    Is the engine getting fuel ?

    Based on the results of these items,,the shop will know the direction to go with determining the problem.

    So,,,lets wait until these tests are done first,,,

    Before you buy or have any parts installed.

    Anything else,,is just a guess.

  • lokki 05/29/09 5:19 pm PST

    You know, before I did the pump, I'd sure change the fuel filters..... Might not help, but even if you do have to change the pump, you should change the filters anyhow, and it's worth a shot before you rip into that engine

  • dave8697 05/30/09 3:10 pm PST

    I had one of these go bad and so did a friend's. You can hear the fuel pump prime each and every time you cycle the key on and off and wait 10 or 20 seconds. I was able to determine my friend's was bad just by listening for the pump and pulling out the fuse and looking. You listen back by the driver's side rear wheelwell. Turn the key to 'on' and wait. Have someone listen. If there is silence, then it is the pump or the fuse. I doubt it is the fuse if the van has over 120,000 miles on it.

    When mine went in '97 on my '87, it had about 150,000 miles and I was quoted $350 to get it done. The pumps were about $175 back then. I'd say a fair price by me is about $450 today.

  • dave8697 05/30/09 3:45 pm PST

    After turning key to 'on', If you hear a humming sound for 2-5 seconds, then the pump is priming and therefore sending fuel.


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