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  • lokki 05/12/09 11:40 am PST

    Any Bluetooth enabled device, almost everywhere in the world, can connect to other Bluetooth enabled devices in proximity. Bluetooth enabled electronic devices connect and communicate wirelessly through short-range, ad hoc networks known as piconets.

    Thus any Bluetooth enabled phone will work with your Camry as long as the car is already Bluetooth enabled. If you're already using one Bluetooh phone through your car, you're all set to enable any other Bluetooh phone..

    Each device can simultaneously communicate with up to seven other devices within a single piconet. Each device can also belong to several piconets simultaneously. Piconets are established dynamically and automatically as Bluetooth enabled devices enter and leave radio proximity.

    Be sure to read your owner's manuals for your phone AND for your car. You will have to put both the car and the phone into search mode, and 'introduce' them to each other. Often you will have to establish a 4 digit code.... the car will give you one (generally 1111 or 0000, or 1234). Note - the car has to be running when you do the connection.

    After that, you'll be able to leave your phone in your purse or pocket and the car will find it. On my particular phone though the connection is too weak if I have my phone in my left pants pocket. .... so for the hook up I'd have the phone on the console till you know it's working.

    However none of this is hard.....


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