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  • docj 06/21/08 8:50 pm PST

    When the transmission loses reverse,the fault is internal.
    The transmission will need to be removed,disassembled and repaired.

    Doc J

  • scanman1 02/15/11 3:54 pm PST

    Reverse drum or there abouts in other words rebuild time most allways. Scanman

  • allthewayjumpr 12/02/12 4:59 am PST

    Chrysler Corp. really screwed alot of customers by not fixing that problem back in 1996. There was a bulliten on a noisey reverse on brand spankin new trucks. The guys I knew that demanded new transmissions got them. I'm disappointed in their lack of response to the reverse problem. The trans will have to be replaced or rebuilt. Allthewayjumpr


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