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  • MrShift@Edmunds 05/22/08 11:53 am PST

    Yes definitely check your fuel pressure regulator. On some versions you can open it up and if you see gasoline on the diaphragm, you definitely are leaking back and losing pressure in the fuel rail.

  • jlflemmons 05/22/08 11:30 pm PST

    I second Shifty. Sounds like the fuel pressure regulator is leaking. Makes it hard to start, and will idle poorly until the excess fuel is cleared.

    But it doesn't smell like a gas leak.

  • jstephenc 10/05/09 11:42 pm PST

    Try this. Turn off all accessories. Turn on key, but do not start vehicle. Do you hear the fuel pump running? After it stops, turn off key, then immediately turn the key again, but do not start. Repeat a third time only turn the key all the way. If it starts, your fuel is draining back into the tank. Check fuel pressure after truck has set over night. If you have no pressure there is a leak in the fuel system. Check the valve.

  • hooteruno 05/31/10 2:00 pm PST

    you must have a minium of 61lbs to start if you dont it will start hard ,try cycling the key 2-3 times before starting this helps prime the system,after it starts you should see 55-58 lbs on fuel gage

  • scanman1 02/04/11 7:24 am PST

    There is a check valve in the fuel pump assembly. It has gone bad, when you hook up the fuel pressure guage you will see the pressure start dropping imediately. You need at least 57 psi for this vehicle to crank And with the check valve leaking it cant not get to that psi quick enough. Im editing this when I said when I spoke of pressure dropping thats when you are observing the pressure while the eng is running, then turn ignition off and watch the pressure. Scanman

  • scanman1 02/04/11 7:26 am PST

    I fyour vehicle has distributor cap it can cause a no start condition with no apparent physical problems. I have found this numerous times.


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