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  • morin2 02/14/10 11:37 am PST

    My last GM truck did not have a remote starter. However, if I wanted to design a remote starting system, I would start the vehicle without the heater on. When you start any car with the heater on, the engine will take longer to come to operating temperature just because you are circulating more coolant - and pulling heat away from the engine. Vehicles without remote starters should be started with the heater off, then the heater turned on once the engine has reached operating temperature. Of course, you would have the choice to turn on the heater when you wanted. Its possible that the operation of your remote system has changed since 6 weeks ago because the temperature has dropped considerably - probably below the set-point of a sensor. I suspect the techs at your GM dealer are correct.

  • fsf1 03/03/10 2:00 pm PST

    Purchased a 2009 Sierra extended cab and a 2009 Chevy Impala in August. Both have factory remote starters. Both only start the engine. Neither will engage the defroster. All of the after-market starters allowed me to set the defroster before turning off the engine, therefore coming on when the remote started the vehicle. Not GM's factory starters. The Sierra's starter was part of a 'comfort and convenience' package that I paid extra for. Wouldn't have paid for it if I was informed by GM or my dealer that I would still have to scrape frost, snow and fog off my wind-
    shield all winter. I contacted 3 GM reps, all arrogant useless people, the last one being in Argentina, and was told that GM designed it this way..no fix available and no comp. Purchasing an after-market starter would void the warranty. My local dealer said that GM's reason was so the hot air from the defroster would not crack the windshield! GM screwed up and is unwilling to make it right. Last GM product I'll ever buy.


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