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  • edenmotor 12/29/10 11:13 am PST

    My 2009 Silverado has had repeated problem warnings from traction control and stabilitrak that makes the engine go into reduced power mode automatically. This has happened at least 3 times while traveling over 65 miles/hour on the highway since last spring and was a dangerous situation due to the sudden reduction in speed. The short term fix is to pull over, turn off the engine and wait at least 1 minute before restarting. We tried waiting less than 1 minute but the problem did not clear in that case. We took the truck to the dealer, they kept it for a couple days but could not find a problem. So now I keep my camcorder with me all the time so I can catch it happening, see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vimFG5e4
    for a video of the latest - just out of the driveway and only going about 25 on a dry side street - this time. I'd like to know if GM is doing anything about this - I'd like for them to take the truck back and give me the same loan terms on a new truck, at a minimum.

  • edenmotor 01/18/11 7:10 am PST

    After repeated problems with this I finally got my 09 Silverado to the dealer while the check engine light was still on and they diagnosed a bad "throttle body". They say they are seeing a rash of this, maybe because the 2009's are getting to the age where this component is failing in a lot of them at the same time. They had to order the part so I won't know for sure that a replacement will fix it until I go back when the part comes in. They say it takes a couple days to get the part, then I can bring the truck in and wait for it since it only takes about an hour to replace. If this does not fix the problem then I will report back here.

  • z06tom 01/23/12 8:00 pm PST

    I have the same problem with my '06 Trailblazer SS. Dealer said the throttle body was the problem, so I had it replaced. The check engine light went off, but the truck is now doing the same thing again. When I turn off the Stabilitrak it doesn't go into reduced power mode, but the anti-lock breaks activate every time I come to a stop. you can hear them "moan", and the pedal vibrates. Time to head back to the stealership...

  • bitlov04 12/06/12 3:46 pm PST

    the only fix i have found, mind you that i've had an 07 and i now have an 09 and both have done it, is to unhook the battery for a short bit so your senor resets it's usally nothing more than your sensor/computer being screwed up and once you reset shouldn't have anymore issues (knock on wood) at least this is whats worked for me and mine. good luck

  • bevmike6 01/03/13 11:55 am PST

    I have a 2011 Silverado with 46000+ miles on it, and I had the exact same issues. The code was for a throttle position sensor, and the dealership replaced it under the powertrain warranty.

  • slamamama15 02/18/13 1:26 pm PST

    Yes mine ours throttle body was replaced about 20,000 miles (Dec 2010) after only 5,000 miles on a new engine we had put in in our 2009 Z71 Silverado. Yesterday it failed again at 70,000. It idled high ever since and he had it at the dealership several times and no errors so they said nothng is wrong. Both times the truck just stopped working in the middle of of the interstate. Very scary. Only fix for was to replace the throttle body and sensor each time. First time it was covered, this time it costs us $500. I will never buy another Chevy truck again. We have had several problems with the 2009, this is our 4th Chevy truck.

  • zepolrado 12/23/13 5:13 pm PST

    hello this is zepolrado. took truck back to dealer in 2010. they rplaced the fuel pressur sensor. worked good for 50k miles it is now dec/2013. same problem. received a letter describing same issue with throttle position sensor.and a free replacment. took to dealer again same situation same codes but not the TPS sensore code. cost me 90 bucks for them to say they dont know what it is. what is going on with this. i still see posts relating to the same problem i have. has anyone ever started a lawsuit yet? i would like the 411 on that. i cant trust this truck! dangerous! now the truck just shuts down, no power totally off almost got rearended and a one finger salute. any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • grego1003 05/22/16 10:14 am PST

    I recently experienced similar issues, service stabilitrak, and service airbag along with the deactivated light showing it was turned off on my 2009 Silverado 1500. The truck has about 118K mileage.

    The dealership advised it was a ground cable that needed to be replaced for the stabilitrak problem and the airbag sensors needed replacing. So far that appears to be the fix for this vehicle.


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