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  • 0patience 01/30/08 10:36 pm PST

    This is assuming you have an automatic tranmission, not a manual transmission.

    If you find the transmission drain plug, the overfill plug is about 6" from the drain plug. It should look just like the drain plug. Be sure that it is the correct one.

    See image in link.

    When adding or changing fluid, use only DEXRON III.
    CAUTION: DO NOT OVERFILL. Overfilling will cause foaming, loss of fluid, abnormal shifting and possible damage to the transmission.
    Park the vehicle on level ground and apply the parking brake firmly.
    Check fluid level with engine running at idle.
    NOTE: Be sure that transmission fluid temperature is below 86°F.
    Move the selector lever through all gear ranges.
    Move the selector lever to "Park".
    Let engine idle for 3 minutes and open the overfill screw.
    Add released transmission fluid until it flows out over the overfill screw opening.
    Let engine idle until a fluid temperature between 90°F and 135°F is reached, then close the overfill screw.
    Torque: 28 ft. lbs
    NOTE: Check transmission fluid temperature with scan tool.
    Minimum fluid level 135°F
    Maximum fluid level 90°F

    CAUTION: Do not open overfill screw with engine stopped.

    Immediately after driving at sustained highway speeds.
    If vehicle has been in heavy city traffic during hot weather.
    If vehicle has been towing a trailer.
    If the vehicle has been operated under these conditions, shut the engine off and allow the vehicle to cool for 30 minutes.

    Source: http://www.batauto.com/Forums/index.php

  • danw1975 02/01/08 8:04 pm PST

    under the hood on the drivers side there is a top off reserve that you can add trans fluid. There is no dip stick on the 2000 model for the trans. the large transmition pan under the vehicle has two bolts a lower for draining and an upper for refiling. If you are under the vehicle and you can see the large trans pan the refill bolt is located on the rear of the pan on the passanger side. make sure vehicle is level when you refill.

  • calvind 11/16/08 12:35 pm PST

    ther is no way of checking the fluid level,to fill you have to take loose the line from the radiator at the transmission underneath

  • odybug 09/16/09 8:23 am PST

    you can find and download a picture of the transmission oil pan. this will show you where the drain and overfill plug are. www.troublecode.net/test/00isuzuoverfil
    . I hope that helps.

  • odybug 09/16/09 8:32 am PST

    if your are around a jiffy lube they will do your fluids for only the cost of the fluids. if you need to add transmission fluid its on the raised plug on pan. too must fluid- the over plug will release fluid to the level that is need it will only hold the needed amount. too much trans fluid will result in major expensive prombles. We just had this problem and jiffy lube explained the issue with me. i watched the pull my overfull plug and the pan had about 2 quarts overfull. he told me i probably save myself alot of money, because the overfull transmission fuild has to go somewhere and usually bust something expensive.

  • rp1102 03/07/11 5:46 pm PST

  • firemedic3 04/19/12 11:46 pm PST

    where the refill plug for tranmission on 2000 rodeo


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