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  • zaken1 09/02/10 10:06 pm PST

    This would usually be caused by spark plugs that needed replacement; so if the plugs have not been changed in the last 15,000 miles; I would replace them with either Champion # 3013 Platinum Power, or Bosch # 4305 Platinum +2. This Bosch plug comes pre gapped; but the Champion should have the gap checked and adjusted to .054".

    I would also recommend inspecting the air filter element; and replacing it if it doesn't pass light easily; along with cleaning the throttle body and the mass airflow sensor.

    If these items do not clear up the problem; I would replace the camshaft position sensor.

  • jipster 09/09/10 10:11 am PST

    check the pcv hose and idle air control valve. Replacing the plugs is a big job on the MPV, so I'd want to hold off on replacing them until everything else has been eliminated.

  • budmantom 09/20/10 12:13 am PST

    Sounds like one of the coils is going out or it may be the pcv hose, these are two well know issues with the MPV of that year.


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