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  • patrick88 07/01/08 11:36 pm PST

    As to no pressure, did you rebuild the M/C? Are the parts assembled correctly?

    Sometimes, it takes a lot of pumping to get the air out (I wore my arm out on the last Ranger I did!). After a lot of pumping and still no go, go back and ensure that all lines are closed/secured. Observe the fluid as you are pumping (I am assuming that you are not using the pedal) are the bubbles increasing, are you getting gysers?
    What repairs were done to this system? Are all the gaskets, seals etc on properly?
    Let me know.

  • docj 07/02/08 1:09 am PST

    Get that clutch slave cylinder checked...
    These are known to go bad on these vehicles...
    Transmission has to come out to remove and install slave cylinder.

    As asked,what was done so far?

    Try bleeding with 2 man operation...one pushes clutch pedal down,another opens bleeder ,allow fluid/air to exit,close bleeder,let up on pedal...repeat....

    Doc J


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