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  • simpilot1 04/21/08 9:22 pm PST

    I'd suggest you get a squirt bottle similar to the ones that many household cleaners come in. When it's not raining spray various parts of the engine compartment. Keep the areas small. Spray from the top and then from underneath the car. You will eventually find the component or at least identify the area where the problem is. It may take a while but it will be much cheaper than throwing parts at.

    Also have a code reader put on the car. The computer just might have stored fault codes.

  • jeffyscott 04/22/08 6:47 am PST

    If you do spritz, try the coil pack first. My son had similar starting problems in damp weather on a '96. The plastic case of the coil pack was cracked. This is a common problem on those cars (but then what isn't?).

    The other problem could be window regulators (on either manual or power windows) or the motors.


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