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  • bandit10 06/23/08 10:15 pm PST

    Ethanol won't damage your fuel pump. Your mileage will drop a little. It's common now in many states using ethanol. As for help with your dianostic problems go too www.autozone.com they have a very user friendly site to trouble shoot problems and also have diagrams as well. It's the easiest site I've ever used. I don't think your front end damage from the accidant is related to your fuel concerns. You might also want to address this problem along with the car jerking to mr shiftright, tony78, or sandmand235. Sandman was a professional transmission builder for race cars.

  • 0patience 06/24/08 2:16 am PST

    Is the problem with your fuel pump, that it won't turn on?

    Have you checked the reset button on the inertia switch?
    The Inertia Switch is located at the far Left part of the toe-board, near the parking brake assembly. There is a button on the top of it that you press in, to reset it.

    A sizeable impact will trip the reset button on the inertia switch and shut down the fuel pump.

    You weren't very specific a to what kind of problem you were having with the fuel pump, so I am guessing.

  • chrymsonfox 03/13/11 7:50 pm PST

    yes it has 2 pumps


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