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  • MrShift@Edmunds 03/19/12 11:13 am PST

    Yes you need a heat shield for fire protection and as for the repair shop---it's hard to say, as we don't know the year of the car, and the previous condition of the shield prior to their tightening it. Repairing an already damaged part is always a bit dicey.

  • morin2 03/19/12 9:08 pm PST

    Subarus are notorious for heat shields loosening up and/or falling off. I don't know what was done for $65 - but once these things loosen up, their end is not far away. I see heat shields lying on the road every day - probably many from subarus. What the shop told you is correct.

    I would decide on a replacement depending on cost. Personally, I'd leave them off if replacement cost more than about 100 - but then I'd have to be careful about not parking over any dry grass. Of course, for the sake of liability, I can't recommend what you should do.

    I have used the rattling heat shields as a bargaining chip when I bought a couple of used Subarus. The loose heat shields made the cars sound awful and so, I was able to negotiate a much lower purchase price, then I just crawled underneath and put on some large hose clamps until they fell apart.


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