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  • patrick88 02/07/11 10:17 pm PST

    If I remember correctly there should be one in the back on top which is a bear to get at! I could be wrong but believe so.

  • neal11 10/07/11 12:48 am PST

    I just did this for Mom's van. Yes, there is another screw on the backside. Fingers can barely reach it, but I could not get a wrench on it, even with articulated extensions. Just pull hard and break it off.

    First, though, unscrew the duct actuator that is on the bottom and unplug the fan.

    After that is out of the way and you tug and cuss to get the cover out, there is a duct door that pivots when the actuator you pulled off operates. You probably let it fall down when you took the cover off. This is a problem. Do not make it worse by trying to take this out. Just bend it over to clear the motor and impeller after you remove those screws. Again, swearing may be required.

    Before putting in the new fan, you have to get the curved duct gate back into its socket. It has a finger on the top and fits into a socket. It moves smoothly when in the right place. Once there, hold it securely or you will just have to do it all over.

    Bend it over while holding it up. Put the new fan in and fasten it. Keep holding that duct gate while you put the cover on. The bottom of the duct gate snaps into the cover. Get the cover tentatively fastened and check that the duct gate turns smoothly.

    Tighten up. Add the actuator motor, plug in the fan connector, rehang that thin black wire and snap the glove box back in place. Put cold compresses on shoulder and hip to prevent bruising, because you have been working upside down in an awkward position.

  • conservative3 02/11/12 1:07 pm PST

    I just did exactly what Neal11 said to do in his answer on 10/7/11 and it worked great. I normally try everything I can to keep all the original parts intact (like not breaking the rear screw boss off) but in this case, it was the only way to get the cover off. If you're careful, it really is not that big of a deal. You remove the 4 "easy" screws from the cover (3 screw out from the bottom, 1 from the top), then take the wire harness grommet out of the cover and start wiggling, pulling down etc. until you hear the boss crack (snap) off. You've now broken the back screw boss off and then follow Neal11's directions. I had a little trouble getting the louver guide boss (the boss that the actuator shaft goes into) to push up and out of the cover and actually broke off one of the 3 guide tabs on the cover. I tried to glue it back on to no avail. I figured it would all stay aligned once I got everything assembled and so I assembled the motor like Neal11 said and got it all back together and it works fine. Just take your time and take breaks every 15-20 minutes so you don't get so frustrated. Good luck!

  • ubergeeken 01/07/15 9:01 pm PST

    I've been trying to replace the blower that has a seized blower motor.

    Over an hour in and I have the lower screws out and recirculator louver motor removed with out snapping of the REDICULOUSLY placed rear screw by using a power drill w/ 90 degree gear attachment, extension and universal socket joint. (dont forget the mats and blankets to cushon your arms and knees while working on this upsidedown. Check, check, check!

    Power cable gromet pushed in without damaging anything. Check!

    Pulling down on the unscrewed cover and it would not give. I couldn't get the louver to release from the center of the lower cover. It would NOT let go. Then POP! There is a screw at the very top of the air chamber. the rotating louver has a pivit screw at the VERY VERY top of the air chamber. I busted it. DAMN IT! If you reach through the glove compartment and then work your way up you will find the screw at the top.

    Just a word to the wise - this is not an easy process. I've replaced suspension links, struts, shocks, A/C compressors, radiators and a plethora of other equipment on vehicles and feel that I've met my match on this project.



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