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  • karjunkie 09/06/09 9:36 am PST

    I assume you also changed the spark plugs and the PCV valve. A fouled plug or clogged PCV valve could cause your symptoms as well. It could also be one or more bad injectors. Some shops have a fuel injector cleaner machine that will flush the injectors with pressure.

  • chuckv1 09/08/09 10:57 am PST

    I have found the solution to my own problem. After further head banging, I removed the intake manifold cover.Just for sh&ts and giggles I removed the top of the fuel injection assembly.(It just kind of snaps on and off) Low and behold ,it had somehow wiggled loose. I snapped it back on and replaced the cover, problem fixed.

  • karjunkie 09/08/09 11:52 am PST

    Congrats! Very good to know in case we run across this problem again. Never heard of the fuel rail just coming loose like that!


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