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  • patrick88 03/09/11 9:48 pm PST

    Does the whine increase with engine or vehicle speed?
    does it occur at idle? Does it happen during turning, braking etc...?
    Possible bearings...

  • kcarrico 03/09/11 10:05 pm PST

    it dosent matter what the speed is, as long as the tires are moving then there is noise. when in idle, no noise. when turning or breaking.... nothing.

  • patrick88 03/09/11 10:15 pm PST

    If you can jack up the car, grab the wheel at the top and bottom and try to move the wheel up and down and in and out. If there is play in it more then likely its the wheel bearings. Be careful when you jack it up and make sure your body isnt under the vehicle (use jack stands for safety) :-) (just a safety precaution...

  • kcarrico 03/09/11 10:27 pm PST

    we just tried that and there was no movement

  • patrick88 03/09/11 10:29 pm PST

    did you try spinning the tire to see if there was any noise?

  • kcarrico 03/09/11 10:36 pm PST

    there was no noise other than the nornal noise of the gears. i don't hear the noise unles the car is on and moving.

  • patrick88 03/09/11 10:40 pm PST

    take it out for a spin, while driving (in a safe area) turn the steering wheel back and forth (swerving but be careful) and see if the noise increases or speeds up. Also, after driving touch the hubs to see if they are heated up.
    A lot of these same vehicles have been having problems with bearings.

  • kcarrico 03/09/11 10:49 pm PST

    IF the hub is hot should it be replaced? can you describe how hot is too hot for the hub to be? or should it not be hot at all?


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