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  • MrShift@Edmunds 03/25/08 2:31 pm PST

    Well I wouldn't argue with the people who wrote the manual, if that's what it says, but I'm not sure you really need to flush it out that thoroughly unless there is really an awful lot of debris in there.

  • snowball2 03/26/08 12:47 pm PST

    there is a trans filter,the only way to it is to remove trans and take apart,as for the flushing,honda fluid is very expensive,and toworry about completely flushing i think is a waist of money,unless you think the fluid that came out is nasty,and your trying to take care of trans related issue in doing the flushing otherwise 1 time should be good

  • londonbobby 03/27/08 11:27 am PST

    Thanks guys, the manual actually said to change oil three time to completely flush tranny oil. There was not that much debris, more like a sludge on the end of the magnetic plug, although I did not actually touch it as the mechanic did the oil change, but he did show me the plug after he removed it. The oil is what I didn’t like, it looked watery and smelt bad, not burnt but bad, so this is why I am wondering about doing a complete flush. After your advice, I think that I will do one more oil change and see what it gives me. I am on my way to Ohio this weekend, so after the trip I will change oil and see. And yes tranny oil is very expensive, you think that they would give you a break when having to do this.


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