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  • bpeebles 02/13/13 8:22 pm PST

    The "G12" specification is not for oil.... it is for ANTIFREEZE.

    I assume since you are asking, you realize that you should never EVER use anything else in your VW. (intermixing different antifreeze can cause 'gelling' inside the engine and overheating.)

    I use pentosin brand "G12" in all my VWs. Here is the link to their website.

    If you cannot find it locally, I HIGHLY recommend IDparts. Here is their website:

    To speciffically answer your question: The G12 antifreeze is about $12.95 for 1.5L bottle.... This MUST be mixed 50/50 with distilled water so you end up with 3L of antifreeze.

    Source: personal experience


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