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  • tony78 08/29/09 7:33 pm PST

    Example # 1.

    The shop where you had the part replaced, doesn't know how to reset the check engine light ?

    That's not saying a whole lot for the knowledge of the tech's there.

    Are you sure they installed your leak detection pump correctly ?

    Example # 2.

    The shop where you had the part replaced can't reset the check engine light ?

    Did they mention if there was another problem ?

    Maybe another problem exists and the check engine light is operating correctly.

    Its a good thing that these problems are appearing now, rather than during your inspection or you would need to get the car tested twice and spend double the money.

  • 0patience 08/29/09 9:03 pm PST

    The light won't clear, because you didn't fix the problem.
    Folks seem to think they can throw parts at a trouble code and fix it.
    It doesn't always work that way.

    If you would be so kind as to post the YEAR, make, model and ENGINE, we might be able to point you in the right direction.

  • kornlosthead 08/29/09 9:08 pm PST

    2002, pt cruiser limited edition, non-turbo.

  • 0patience 08/31/09 2:53 pm PST


    Wiring Harness Intermittent
    Leak Detection Pump
    Fused Ignition Switch Output
    LDP Solenoid Control Circuit Shorted To Ground
    LDP Solenoid Control Circuit Open

    Check all EVAP hoses for cracks or leaks.
    More than likely, the hoses that run to teh EVAP canister have cracked.

  • kornlosthead 08/31/09 10:55 pm PST

    I got it fixed so im hopeful that the repair shop would have noticed if the lines were cracked. Also, I've had someone who knows cars look at it and they didnt notice anything. The repair shop who couldnt get the check engine light off said there was a manufacturers code keeping it on and to go to chrysler, but I dont want to get ripped off going to a chrysler dealership. However, doing the off, on, off, on, off, on thing with the key shows the code 1495.

  • 0patience 09/01/09 8:05 pm PST

    Ask the shop what the manufacturer's codes were.
    If you can get those numbers, we can probably help decipher them for you.

    But, as I stated, if the problem is fixed, the light will go out.
    Active codes will remain active until the problem has been solved.
    If clearing the code doesn't turn the light out, then there is still a problem.

    Did you ask if the shop checked the EVAP hoses?

    Regardless of whether it is a manufacturer's code or not, emission codes, if the P1495 code is the code that is triggering the light, should be something that most shops could diagnose.

  • kornlosthead 09/01/09 10:33 pm PST

    Is it possible that my cars computer is malfunctioning and that I must purchase a new one?

  • 0patience 09/02/09 4:21 pm PST

    It is possible that the ECM is the problem, but I wouldn't replace anything without KNOWING that it is the problem. That would be expensive to throw parts at it, only to find out that it wasn't the problem,

    If you can get us ALL the trouble codes that they came up with, we can try and help determine where to look for the problem.

    A good manual that has trouble code diagnostic flow charts will help you to locate the problem.

    Let us know what the codes are.

  • kornlosthead 09/02/09 6:51 pm PST

    All of the hoses leading to it are in good condition, the leak detection pump is brand new. The OBDII reader wont get the CEL to shut off for even a second, no matter how many times you try to clear the code. Just today even got a new gas cap and put it on, and I still have the same issue. Both the OBDII reader and the off/on/off/on/off/on thing with the ignition show just the p1495 code. I can't figure out anything else at this point that it could be. I do have that same concern however, that I will spend a couple hundred dollars on a new computer and find out that it didn't fix it after already putting 200 in for the new Leak detection pump.

  • ptcruiser4 04/22/13 12:03 am PST

    I have the same problem, do you have an actual LDP, and if you do isit connected to the harness?

  • johndehoff 10/29/14 8:49 am PST

    I recently purchased a 2006 pt cruiser, and in the first week the check enging light came on and the transmission would not shift(automatic).The dealer said to bring back when they had more time, to search for bad connection or fuse(for the transmission, I was told to simply stop and restart car to reset ????, To get rid of the check engine light I simply

    disconnected negative battery lead for two minutes and reconnected terminal.--Worked for me (to get engine light off) J DEHOFF


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