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  • docj 03/13/09 1:56 am PST

    Yes,Have a trained technician evacuate the system.
    CAUTION:You can be seriously injured by the refrigerant if not properly done.

    Have the mechanic recharge it afterwards.It will need to have a vacuum pulled on it.special equipment is needed for this.It will need to be properly serviced to make sure all the moisture is out of the system.and if it locked up,the system should be flushed.Any an all debris needs to be removed.
    and if it has an orifice ,that needs to be replaced as well as the receiver/dryer with new parts only .
    Make sure you replace the o-rings on the refrigerant lines also.
    This is one system ,for sure, a non trained person should leave to the pros.

    If you do it,be careful and do it right!!

    Doc J

    Source: http://www.autozone.com/shopping/repair


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