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  • packerfanjc 03/20/09 9:29 pm PST

    Usually in gm vehicles you shouldn't have to take off the grill there should be a place where you can put your hand to replace it.

  • fj4072 11/01/09 12:54 pm PST

    That's the tougher side to replace. I always remove the aircleaner housing to get back in there and remove the rubber cover, it's easy after this is removed. Otherwise you'll end up tearing up your arms trying to get in there.

  • lions4 10/02/13 10:25 pm PST

    Not a big deal to pop off the grill.
    Reach in with a screwdriver at top left of light housing
    and lift up slide lock. Same on right side a little more
    difficult to reach. Work entire housing out, pull off rubber
    seal at back of the light you want to change. reach in and twist
    bulb holder, pull out and undo small catch and pull bulb out.
    Use a glove or rag so you don't touch the new bulb when you
    put it back in the holder. There you go.


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