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  • isellhondas 07/17/10 7:38 pm PST

    Look underneath the rear of the car. If there is a rear differential, it's a 4WD.

  • knowledgepower 07/18/10 12:12 am PST

    If you are a layperson and not sure go to the dealer service dept and they will pull the order codes of the VIN and verify for you.

  • doc150610 11/03/12 4:45 am PST

    look under car for a drive shaft goin to the back of car for rear wheel drive and will also have cv axles in front for awd applications...

  • doc150610 11/03/12 5:03 am PST

    read owner's manual... awd apps have a cv axles in front and a drive shaft goin to rear of car...get in yard or soft ground and spin wheels then observe spin out tracks/marks where traction was broken...4 marks awd/2 marks in rear for rear wheel drive apps...


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