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  • viktorwi 09/09/09 9:29 pm PST

    get in the car. put key into egnition.>>>folowing repeat 3 times: turn to on position than just click key to run for split second so that car dont start,after clicking live in on for 8-10 minutes,repeat 3 times.comon procedure with gm models try it out.

    whats the reason to desabling anti-theft?did you get new key made?or somebody mess with stearing column egnition? if key not dealer made or damaged ,car may be not recognising it

  • rickmn 09/01/11 2:08 pm PST

    Some companies make a bypass module for the GM anti-theft system. Reviews have been mixed. It works for some people and not for others--nobody knows why. But why waste money on a bypass when the parts to fix the problem cost less than $100? See the post below on how to fix the problem

    Source: http://www.ricksfreeautorepairadvice.co


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