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  • MrShift@Edmunds 02/06/12 3:37 pm PST

    NOTE: Within three minutes after the system has been triggered, the horns and exterior lamps will shut off automatically. The system will then reset to an armed state and will trigger again if another intrusion occurs. However, the vehicle's starter circuit will remain disabled until the system is disarmed.

    Any of the following procedures will disarm a triggered system:

    • unlocking driver or passenger doors with the key
    • unlocking driver door using the keyless entry keypad code
    • unlocking driver door by pressing UNLOCK button of keyless entry remote transmitter.

    The alarm system will be activated if any of the following actions occur after the system has been armed:

    • opening any door without first unlocking with door key, keyless entry remote transmitter or keyless entry keypad code
    • removing luggage compartment door lock cylinder
    • opening hood
    • tampering with ignition switch lock cylinder


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