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  • jeepgal95 08/12/08 3:20 pm PST

    I do not have the answer but I have the same problem with my 95 Jeep, also the alarm will go off when I am not in the car, and if it is day time you cant see that the lights are on and the battery dies, it happens alot, I Had to start disconnecting my battery whenever I get out of Jeep.. The alarm makes no noise just kills everything.

    Must be a defect.

    I also want to get the system the hell out of my Jeep, not worth dead batteries.

  • firenresqgirl 04/30/09 8:20 pm PST

    I have a 1994 Cherokee Laredo with the same problem, I've tried that lock all the doors then open the back with no luck I am wondering if the alarm killed the battery? I tried to jump it and got nothing not even recognition that there was a key in the ignition i mean dead as a doornail any help would be greatly appreciated.


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