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  • Stever@Edmunds 02/27/09 2:37 am PST

    The Incentives page at Edmunds will tell you if there is any manufacture to dealer incentive money. I don't see any off-hand for a random Houston zip code for the Prius, although there are cash and lease incentives from Toyoto to customers.

    There are other factors that come into play in trying to figure out dealer cost. Holdback is the obvious one. But there may be other spiffs and bonuses that the dealer may be getting that even the salespeople on the floor don't know about.

  • sergelbergeron 02/27/09 6:57 am PST

    If you go to the Edmunds site you may find some of the answers. In my opinion, it doesn't matter what that incentive is or other new types of rebates, kickbacks, awards, sponsorship or whatever money they get back from Toyota. The idea is to shop around and get prices and make your best deal. You shop around on the internet - with the Edmunds tools to help and you will get the best deal regardless of incentives.


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