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  • jkugler 02/02/09 6:29 pm PST

    I would go to gmc site, give them your vin #, and where it was purchased, and complain about the dealership that you bought from, you may not get the original sticker, but I'm sure you can get a copy. Good Luck!

  • MrShift@Edmunds 02/02/09 6:33 pm PST

    The Monroney sticker, as it is called, is a legal requirement on the dealer. I'm presuming this is a brand new vehicle? Yes, he can get another one. If he won't, just walk on the deal. I'm sure another dealer will match it.

    Be advised though, that phoney Monroney stickers are very easy to print up on computer, so match it to a "real" one in the showroom.


  • knight52146 02/24/15 12:04 pm PST

    That is absolutely BS big time. Check with federal laws. They MUST show you the original window sticker of they are breaking the law!


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