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  • jen43vino 05/27/12 2:27 pm PST

    My tailgate recently started doing the same thing. It would swing open but not fold down. When I would press the yellow switch inside the cargo area you could hear a low click but nothing. Also the tailgate would some times not latch shut either. What I did was:

    1. I got some of my throttle body cleaner and sprayed just a little bit on the latch and used an old toothbrush to clean out any gunk that might be making the latch stick.
    2. After it dried then I sprayed the latch with WD-40.
    3. I did the same with the top latch on the passenger side. This helped the tailgate to latch shut.

    While I was testing the tailgate to make sure it would keep latching I somehow got the tailgate to fold down. When I was squeezing the switch on the tailgate I heard it release the first latch but as I kept holding the switch, the second latch released as well. Now I don't know if the cleaning helped with the other latch for the tailgate to fold down or not. But now when I want to fold down the tailgate;

    1. I keep the tailgate firmly pressed against the vehicle.
    2. Squeeze the switch on the tailgate and hold, you will hear the first latch release.
    3. Keep pushing the tailgate against the vehicle and keep squeezing the switch until you hear the second latch release and the tailgate should fold down.


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