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  • MrShift@Edmunds 05/20/12 9:04 pm PST

    Do you really HAVE to have the Mojave package? The reason I ask is because the new 2012 Wranglers have a brand new and much more powerful engine and a new 5-speed automatic transmission---and you'd probably get all this for the same or less money than your 2011.

    Just a thought. Shopping for 2011 leftovers is tricky and often not the best deal. For one thing, the dealer is not going to sell it for less than he paid for it, so he's going to price it pretty much as if it were a 2012. That means maybe you could get it for $1500 off MSRP. You could ask to see the "invoice" and offer that.

    One problem, though, is that you're buying a 2011 in 2012 and so YOU, and not the dealer, is going to suffer the immediate depreciation of a one-year old model. So right out of the driveway, your Jeep is worth maybe $27K-28K and only $25K on a trade-in.

    Anyway, just some food for thought. If you're stoked on the Mojave, then hammer away at the invoice price and see what happens.

  • irlist28 05/20/12 9:18 pm PST

    Thank you so much for you answer. I sincerely appreciate the time you took to fully answer my question.


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