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  • bandit10 08/04/08 12:17 am PST

    Go too the tail light housing in the rear of the vehicle. There should be a protective schroud covering the bulbs from damage when storing things. That housing should have 3 to 4 clips holding in place, if no clips look for screws. Be gentle when removing the clips because they can brake if handled roughly. If it has screws use a screw driver. Either method remove those hold pieces and it if doesn't come out easily there may be another clasp or screw holding it in place. Remove the plastic casing and you should have access to the outside lense. I'm assuming you looked to see if the were any outside screws holding the lense in place. As far as fixing the leak you can you a good quality clear plastic silicone glue. Don't over do it, or it will show up. If that doesn't stop the leak, you'll need a new lense.


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