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  • MrShift@Edmunds 08/26/08 10:20 am PST



    1. Release door latch and open door.
    2. Roll window down.
    3. Remove window crank, if equipped.
    4. Remove screws attaching trim panel to door. CAUTION: Do not forcibly pull trim panel from door, damage to trim panel may occur.
    5. Simultaneously lift upward and outward to release retainer steps from inner door panel.
    6. Disengage inside handle linkage rod from inside handle.
    7. Disconnect speaker harness wire connector.
    8. Disengage power mirror wire connector, if equipped (driver's side only).
    9. Disengage clips attaching power window/lock switch panel to door trim panel. Disengage wire connector from switch panel, if equipped.
    10. Separate door trim panel from vehicle.


    1. Position trim panel at door.
    2. Engage wire connector for window/lock switch panel, if equipped.
    3. Engage power mirror wire connector, if equipped.
    4. Connect speaker harness wire connector.
    5. Engage inside handle linkage rod to inside handle.
    6. Align trim panel retainer steps with inner door panel and slide trim panel into place.
    7. Install screws attaching trim panel to door.
    8. Install window crank, if equipped.


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