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  • jkurek1 10/08/11 1:37 am PST

    ok I just got done removing my daughter's convertible's Driver's side rear window... it took a bit of figuring out but I got it... it seems weird but here goes.
    1- You have to remove the speaker cover. A flat head screwdriver will do just fine.
    2- Remove and disconnect the speaker. it's only a couple of phillips head screws.
    3- You'll notice that there are 2 screws still left by where the speaker was, remove those.
    4.- There are 2 screws that are on a felt looking piece on the top of the panel remove the one that's toward the interior of the car. It's weird but that screw is helping hold the panel in place.
    5- once these screws are removed, you have to use some force to try and pull the panel off. It will pop out, as it has many clips holding it in.
    6- once the interior panel is removed, there are 3 nuts that are holding the regulator in (2 along the top that you only have to loosen, and a 3rd at the bottom in the middle that must be removed).
    7- Once the nuts are removed it's rather intuitive as to how to remove the regulator.
    Hope this helps!


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