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  • MrShift@Edmunds 02/08/08 1:40 pm PST

    LOL! -- well on most cars that's about it. You remove the wiring coupler from the back of the bulb, then twist the bulb out carefully. Install the new bulb with a twist (being careful NEVER to touch it with bare fingers--use a paper towel) then plug in the coupler and you're all set.

  • rcindric 02/08/08 6:53 pm PST

    I found the answer to my own question. It turns out that the grill piece that intersects both headlight boxes snaps out. There are two slide that secure the left and right of the head lamp unit (one is close to the fender and hard to see), they lift up and the housing comes right out. Unplug the bad bulb, turn it 1/4 turn and it comes right out. Install the new bulb, holding it at the connector plastic, never touch the bulb (we learned that in high school AV club).

    Plug in the bulb, reposition the studs in the back of the housing and slide down the latches, pop in the grille piece. It's easy once you find the latches and realize that the grille piece snaps out.

    Source: My mechanic figured it out and showed me (he doesn't understand job security)


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