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  • MrShift@Edmunds 05/13/08 1:51 pm PST

    I'm sorry but my sources don't show how to do this particular job.

    I'd suggest that you either go to the public library and check out a Chilton's or Haynes manual (ask the reference librarian) or buy the Haynes or chilton's book for about $17 at Kragen or Autozone, etc.

    If you take the door panel off you might want to be sure this is a motor problem and not a switch problem. A simple test light should help you do that.

    Also you can order online:


  • fordfan_17 05/13/08 2:22 pm PST

    1. Use a flat-bladed tool at the rear of the switch mounting plate in order to release the clip.
    2. Lift up in order to unsnap the switch mounting plate from the front door trim panel.
    3. Disconnect the electrical connectors

      1. Unsnap the power window switch from the switch mounting plate.

      Install the power window switch to the switch mounting plate

      1. Connect the electrical connectors.
      2. Install the switch mounting plate to the front door trim panel. Insert the front edge into the trim panel and snap down the rear of the switch mounting plate to the front door trim panel

      3. this is for the power window switch not the motor

      4. gene

  • tony78 05/13/08 5:35 pm PST

    Follow in this order: main or power window fuse blown, ignition switch faulty, wiring or ground faulty.

    Only 1 power window does not function: power window main switch faulty, power window switch faulty, power window motor faulty, window lock switch faulty, wiring or grounding faulty.

    In order to check these components you will need, a volt/ohm meter, an inexpensive one can be purchased for about $ 20, make sure the meter can test continuity too, some give continuity reading by a light, a buzzer, a needle deflection on a meter analog guage, i prefer the buzzer. and a 12v test light, this costs about $20 too.

    Source: Chilton service manual

  • d1wolf 05/13/08 5:56 pm PST

    But if the switch on the passenger side does make the window go down and the one on the driver side does nothing, would it not be the motor?

  • bandit10 05/24/08 9:05 pm PST

    I suggest e-mailing Mr. Shiftright. He knows is business and could give you the link with the diagram for this job.


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