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  • karjunkie 10/30/09 9:51 am PST

    Both are front wheel drive cars that typically do better in winter snow and ice conditions. Your area of the country would justify buying dedicated snow tires on steel rims and putting that on in the winter months. I like both cars you mention, but I would stick with the reliability of the Scion which is made by Toyota. The Toyota engine is far more refined than the Kia Soul's engine and gets better gas mileage. Make sure you drive both before making a final choice. Good luck!

  • morin2 10/30/09 10:12 am PST

    An alternative would be an AWD car like a subaru (we have 3) or the bargain-priced Suzuki sx-4 if you'll do a lot of snow driving. Many of the Scions come with low profile tires which are impractical but "look cool" and you'll want the highest profile tires for snow driving. If you go that route, consider keeping 2 sets of 4 tires. Keep the factory tires on their wheels and get another set of 4 (TireRack sells tire + wheel packages) just for winter driving. The steel wheels will be cheaper and stronger when you hit those winter potholes.

  • pirate58 01/13/11 9:48 pm PST

    the sicon really sucks in snow if you get a lot snow dont get it the front wheels like to spin and slide a lot even with the front wheel drive


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