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  • sully29 03/24/08 3:22 pm PST

    Also have a 94 Lesabre and am seeking answer to same question you've posted. According to automotiveforums.com, "New Info: 1995 non-OBD-ll 16 pin " it appears the answer may be "yes" if your vehicle has an ECM not PCM,has active pins 4,5,6,9,12,16. If so, short #5(ground) and #6(test).Just to be sure, I'd wait for a confirming response to your post.

  • sully29 03/24/08 3:40 pm PST

    Also Have 94 Lesabre and seek answer to same question you've posted.I believe if you have ECM not PCM,have active pins 4,5,6,9,12,16, you can jump 5(ground) and 6(test).Just to be sure, I'd wait for confirming response.

  • imidazol97 01/02/15 10:05 am PST

    There are a few scanners that have the cable to adapt the OBDI system in those GMs to the OBDII system.

    Try searching online for information about which scanners have that. Most like garages which work on older cars will have the right cable. But they would charge to run the test. Most Box store kids will just say, "Huh" when you ask them that question.

    Some older guys at certain box stores may know about the adapter cable tot he bastardized OBDI system.

    Try searching some Pontiac discussion forums because there are more guys who were into tech work on their own Bonnevilles and were the Buick owners.

    If I come across what you're looking for I'll repost.


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