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  • mastertech19 04/23/09 7:24 pm PST

    going to be hard i would think but i would heat it up with a heat gun would be my idea but not to hot or u will damage the paint with the heat but just enough to get the adhesive warmed up then peal of slowly.

  • tony78 04/24/09 2:13 am PST

    What you will need is, 2 wood dowels, approx 3/4" to 1" in diameter and about 4 inchs to 5 inchs long.

    Next go to a musical instrument supply store and get some piano wire,,you wil need a piece about 2- 3 ft. long.

    Secure each end of the piano wire to the wooden dowels, one dowel on each end of the wire.

    Now you have a trim removal tool.

    To use this tool, place a section of the wire under the trim and grasp the wood dowels, one dowel in each hand.

    Now while pulling the wire tight, gently slide the the wire along the length of the trim working from one end to the other.

    The wire, when pulled against the trim, will cut the adhesive backing, allowing the trim to be safely removed, without causing damage to the painted surface
    The adhesive can be removed using a product called,,, Goof Off,,,and a soft terry cloth towel, an old washcloth can be used.

    hope this helps.


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