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  • 0patience 03/04/10 11:25 pm PST

    yeah, fix the problem.

    You need to have it scanned to find out what the trouble code is and then do the diagnostics and repair the problem.

  • kiatech1 03/05/10 12:37 am PST

    If your truck has rear only ABS, then the codes can be read using the ABS light.
    See location photo.

    Displaying & Reading Trouble Codes

    CAUTION: Care must be taken to connect only the black/orange stripe wire to ground. Connecting the mating connector wire to ground will result in a blown fuse.

    Verify the ignition switch is in the RUN position (engine does not need to be running). Next, locate the black RABS II diagnostic connector C207. The diagnostic connector C207 has two mating halves, one of which has a black/orange (BK/OG) wire connected to it. Disconnect the two halves.

    Attach one end of a jumper wire to the black/orange (BK/OG) wire side of the diagnostic connector C207. Ground the opposite end of the jumper wire by connecting it to a ground until the ABS light begins to flash. Grounding this wire should start the yellow ABS warning indicator flashing. If grounding this wire does not start the yellow ABS warning indicator flashing, go to Symptom Chart. See: Diagnosis By Symptom

    The code consists of a number of short flashes and ends with a long flash. Count the short flashes and include the following long flash in the count to obtain the code number. For example, three short flashes followed by one long flash indicates diagnostic trouble code 4. The code will continue to repeat itself until the key is turned off. It is recommended that the code be verified by reading it several times. This code will be used later for system repair instructions. It should be written down for future use. A diagnostic trouble code 16 is obtained when the anti-lock brake control module detects normal system operation.

    If you let me know the code,i can post the throubleshooting tree.(too many to post at one time)


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