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  • tony78 02/02/10 12:06 pm PST

    you can't, that is unless you unplug the wiring connector plugged into the seat and install a jumper wire on the plug.

    the chime ringer module will " Think " that sombody is sitting in the seat and the ringer will not make a sound.

  • bigdadi118 02/24/10 11:27 pm PST

    Use the 20 clicks method ... but need to do it again if the battery disconnect/ reconnected.


  • alaskanj 02/25/10 12:34 am PST

    Or you can go to a salvage yard and cut the seat belt clip off another vehicle and just put it in your seatbelt receiver and not wear a seatbelt at all, and the chime is gone....

  • utahsteve 03/04/10 2:18 pm PST

    No "thumbs up" here for the responses I received on turning off the seat belt chimes. Here's the way it's done with a warning from Subaru:

    To permanently disable this warning chime:

    After turning the ignition switch ON, repeat fastening and unfastening the driver's seat belt for 20 times within 30 seconds.

    Enabling and disabling this cutoff feature is done with the same operation. This setting is changed for both the driver's seat and passenger's front seat. This setting lasts until the microprocessor is reset. The disabling function is reset when the car battery is removed and/or when the body integrated unit is removed. The disabling function may also be reset when the engine is cranked with low battery voltage.

    Since seat belt usage is the single most effective action that an occupant can take to reduce the risk of injury or death in a motor vehicle collision and safety is one the highest priorities at Subaru, 2005 Legacy and Outback vehicles (and future Subaru vehicles) have a belt reminder system for the front driver and passenger seats. This belt usage monitoring and reminder system is incorporated in Subaru vehicles with advanced airbag systems.

    While there may be valid reasons for either temporary disabling the belt reminder system, Subaru does not encourage use of the permanent disablement feature. Not using the seat belt can increase the risk of injury or death in front, side, rear, rollover, etc. collisions and reduce the effectiveness of inflatable restraints ('airbags') because of out-of-position occupants. However, the final decision in such a matter resides with the vehicle owner.

    Owners who permanently disable the belt reminder feature should reset the reminder system as soon as possible, especially if the vehicle is sold.

    Source: Subaru

  • loosenut 03/28/10 1:13 am PST

    the simple and obvious answer-PUT ON THE SEAT BELT!``
    -had a cousin who was a passenger in a accident,and didn't make it..to add insult to injury-the insurance company refused to pay off because the belt wasn't on !..
    today's belts aren't that mutch aggrevation..but i kinda agree with you in one point-i don't feel unsafe if i'm just goind down the street-in town-light traffic,etc i'm not shure i need to be strapped in like a nascar driver-just to go for a soda and a snack at the quickie-mart..


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