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  • tony78 06/02/08 4:10 pm PST

    Big Joe,,Thats the name telly savalas had in the movie kelly's heroes.

    Ok about 4 wheel abs,,on many cars there is under the hood an abs controller,,what does it look like? It may look like a box about 10"x2"x6" and it has a connector with a bunch of wires going into it,,it is usually placed near the brake master cylinder,,,It may also look like a box with a bunch of wires and little pipes going into and out of it,,now if you see something like that under the hood,,you probally have an abs system.

    At all 4 wheels there are these things called sensor rings,,they are usually about the size of a donut and about 1/4 - 1/2 inch thick and have a wire coming out of them that goues around the steering knuckle ( thats the thing that the bearing and ball joint is hooked up to) and the wire is wrapped around that and goes up the shock and into a hole into the body,,you can see it if you look in the fender well opening,,

    Now some cars don't have sensor rings,,i can hear you saying,,SAY WHAT ?,,thats right big joe,,remember that big box under the hood i told you about with them wires going into it,,thats right you know the one,,well its got these computer chips and such and controls the abs right there,,your probally sayin why don't they make all cars like that,,well if they did,,all us techs would'nt have anything to all day but kick back and shoot the ,,,,


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