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  • zaken1 07/06/12 11:36 pm PST

    Sounds like you need a service manual for this car. They have photos and detailed instructions for such procedures. Chilton, Motor's, and Haynes produce such manuals; which are available in some public libraries, and are sold for about $20 at many auto parts stores. Some of the larger libraries have access to factory service manuals; which are far more complete, and cost many times as much. The top professional shops rely on manuals produced by a company called Mitchell; which also cost hundreds of dollars in paper form. Mitchel manuals usually come in editions which each cover many car brands and model years. But Mitchell now offers a unique service to car owners: For about $14, you can subscribe to one week's unlimited online data access for a single vehicle model and year. They also offer longer term subscriptions. In my opinion, this is the best deal in the industry: www.eautorepair.net

    There are many reports of high mileage transmissions failing soon after the fluid was changed. I would, as a result; be very careful about the brand and type of fluid you put back in. I would stay with either Pennzoil ATF, or Mobil 1 synthetic ATF; as they are the gentlest and most compatible fluids available.


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