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  • csandste 04/01/09 2:07 am PST

    I have an 07 Optima so this is of some import. I have an 05 Malibu Maxx. Lights have blown on numerous occasions but it takes about two minutes to pull the light assembly and re-bulb.

    I had an 01 Elantra and after fumbling around with head lamps (which kept frying) I found that the dealer's lamps were better than stock Sylvanias and bulbs and labor were covered under warranty. Blew a tail light and couldn't for the life of me figure how to get it out. Took it to the dealer and told him to replace all three rear bulbs-- the front was free, how much could the rear cost?

    Well over $100-- almost all of it for labor.

    Why the front was free and not the rear I'll never know, except that Hyundai covers their long warranty with lots of "gotchas". As far as the Optima-- no bulbs have burned out so I can't answer your question. Your quandry sounds familiar though.


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