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  • tony78 02/16/10 6:43 pm PST

    then that may mean that there is not one.

    some of the newer cars don't have dipsticks.

    they use something called lifetime fluid.

    i guess it means that when the fluid has had its life,,,,so has your tranny,,,

    This is all part of the trend toward,,,maintenance free,,,everything,,,

    someday engines and trannies will be square chunk of metal and plastic that you plug a few

    wires and pipes into,,,

    and when it wears out,,,

    you pull one chunk out and drop another chunk in,,,

    or maybe the car will have a timer on it and your time is up ( the cars ),,,,

    the whole thing will self destruct and burn to the ground right there.

  • alaskanj 02/16/10 11:15 pm PST

    the oil lever checker might be on your trany pan too, I had an Isuzu trooper that was like that. the trany had to be warm and idling in neutral I believe and there were two plugs on the bottom of the pan. One) drain and the other, the fill to this level plug, of course the fill to plug was offset from the drain it was up higher on the pan, it also helps if its on a lift if your gonna add oil.


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